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Seth specialises in coding bespoke websites for creative individuals and organisations. His designs are minimalist and sleek, with a focus on digital sound and video. See examples of Seth’s previous work below.

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SoundLab’s vision is to create a space for all young people to be creative in their music making. Open to all, we celebrate diversity in musical genres, instruments, vocal styles and cultures, removing the barriers to enable all who wish to engage the opportunity to do so.

In Harmony

In Harmony Telford & Stoke-on-Trent is a community music-making programme that inspires and engages young people and their families. Young musicians on the programme work with a wide range of professional musicians and educators to explore their potential through music.

Filkin's Music

Filkin’s Drift reimagine traditional melodies through pizzicato grooves, intricate guitar tunes, and boundless improvisation. Their 870 mile foot-powered-tour, described as ‘committed and fascinating’ by BBC 6 Music’s Cerys Matthews, has recently propelled them into the spotlight.

Stuart Ironside

Stuart Ironside (he/him/they/them) is a guitarist combining classical technique with a distinct mix of influences to create a unique musical language. He has been mentored by some of the most innovative classical guitarists in the world today, along with expert Gamelan, kora and Folk players.

The Destroyers

Unapologetically complex and joyful, The Destroyers have been colliding world musics for nearly 20 years. Their behemothic sound is a chaotic cacophony of klezmer, Balkan and British folk. With twelve truly exceptional musicians from Birmingham their explosive and virtuosic live show needs to be seen to be believed.